Introducing a comprehensive, single source of truth
marketing ROI platform.

Introducing a comprehensive, single source of truth marketing ROI platform that will transform the way you plan your marketing.

truPLAN™ is built to solve one of the most critical pain points in marketing; the siloed evaluation of marketing tactics and channels. Our robust platform enables clients to control, manage, evaluate and optimize their entire marketing program including both controllable and uncontrollable parts for a variety of KPI’s. From TV message flighting optimizations to media mix allocation, to pricing and promotion performance and more, we solve the broadest array of critical planning questions via a single platform. In addition, we go beyond mix optimization and the analytics to help our clients understand why a tactic is performing as it is and what actions to take to address it. truPLAN™ puts you in control to generate meaningful ROI impact.

A Single View of Controllable + Uncontrollable Drivers

truPLAN™ is a single platform capable of evaluating the performance of both controllable and uncontrollable marketing drivers. By analyzing this diverse ecosystem of 500-1500 KPI drivers, we can answer a broader array of questions and deliver more accurate results than you’ve ever experienced before. Our methodology is proven and validated: a unique combination of advanced analytics, machine learning algorithms and practical marketing expertise.

Click below for some examples of Marketing Drivers and KPIs we are able to evaluate for clients by geography for various product and segment types:

Marketing Drivers
Marketing Drivers
Controllable Drivers
  • Media and Sponsorship (e.g., display, radio, etc.)
  • Brand and Messaging (e.g., TV message types, brand initiatives, etc.)
  • Offers and Promotions
  • Active Sales Channels (e.g., Retail Marketing Investments, D2D, etc.)
  • Public Relations Activities
Uncontrollable Drivers
  • Structural (e.g., weather, seasonality, unemployment, etc.)
  • Competitive (e.g., product launches, promotions, media share of spend, etc.)
  • Awarness
  • Search Volumes
  • Site Visits
  • Unit Sales
  • Revenue
  • LTV
  • Social Media Chatter

Key Planning Considerations & Modules

Identify profit maximizing media budget

Determine true cost per sale to optimize channel/tactic mix and increase ROI

Understand how channels/tactics drive overall interest & funnel volumes

Understand halos, synergies and overlaps of media channels to inform tactic coordination

Assess effectiveness of campaigns and messages to drive sequencing


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1. Quick access to all scenarios
2. Media plan upload
3. Select media tactics
4. Enable data comparison mode
5. Quick scenario editor
6. Quick results CSV export